We believe each individual is capable of their own unique independence and deserves a quality program that will suit these needs. Beyond BASIC aims to provide this support to as many teammates as possible while advocating for this population in the community. We work to provide a variety of learning opportunities and experiences so that our friends are well rounded and find their purpose. Beyond BASIC assists adults with intellectual disabilities in becoming contributing members of society by providing a program that enables independent living skills beyond the basics. Our curriculum provides tools and develops skills in an individualized program that fosters independence to the fullest extent while advocating a movement for inclusion within the community.

The Charis Academy mission is to provide an exceptional, multi-sensory, academic environment that is student centered, family focused, and resource rich. Charis is designed to meet the specific educational needs of the different learner including but, not limited to, children living with High-Functioning Autism, ADHD,  or other similar educational challenges.
The Charis Academy School equips young people and their families to participate actively in the process of shaping the future of the world they will inherit. Charis is a collaborative educational environment, which embraces diversity and optimizes strengths through an intentional academic program specifically designed for children on the spectrum. Our teacher’s focus is to unlock each individual’s academic, creative, and social potential through ABA principles and individualized multi-sensory curriculum.